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Seven steps to build and deploy SPFX web part to SharePoint

  1. Install Node.JS
    Use this link to install Node.JS

    2.       Install yeomen and gulp
    CMD>npm install –g yo gulp

    3.       Install SPFX generators
    CMD>npm install –g @microsoft/generator-sharepoint

    4.       Create First Web part
    CMD>yo @microsoft/sharepoint

    5.       Run and Test Project
    CMD>gulp trust-dev-cert
          CMD>gulp serve

    6.       Package and Deploy
           CMD>gulp package-solution

    7.       Install and Add on Page
    A.      Upload the *.sppkg file in app catalog
    B.       Add new App from site contents page
    C.      Keep app running in local
    D.      Create new page and Add App


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